Why I Give

Peter Ross, Dad of Philip and Victoria (Silver and Blue Clusters)

“We give because we believe that every child should have access to an individualized education experience so they can grow to the best of their abilities.”

Beth Bohart, Mom of JD (Red Cluster)

“Gaynor gives JD and our entire family what I cannot/could not. The school, faculty, and community of families have transformed JD in every way and changed our lives. Our giving to the Annual Fund is our endorsement of the school and our effort to ensure we bridge the gap between tuition charged and the school’s operating costs.”

Bethany Pristaw, Mom of Charles (Purple Cluster)

“Gaynor has not only helped my son in numerous ways but it has transformed our experience as a family. To see my son grow and gain confidence and curiosity has been incredible.”

Bill Tovell, Dad of William (Purple Cluster)

“Stephen Gaynor has made a tremendous difference in the life of my son as well as our entire family. The amount of resources and the quality of those resources are critical components to enhance his overall experience.”

Darya Mastronardi, Mom of Alex (Red Cluster)

“Gaynor has been a cornerstone in our son’s development – we want to enable the school to have transformational impact on members of its community not just today, but far into the future…”