Welcome Stephen Gaynor School Alumni!

Being a part of the Gaynor Alumni Network means that no matter how many years you spent at Gaynor, you are a part of a community of over 2,500 amazing alumni. As Stephen Gaynor School continues its 5th decade of providing transformative education, we aim to reconnect with the incredible alumni who have helped shape the Stephen Gaynor School that exists today.

The Alumni Network serves as a place for you to:

  • Update your contact information – Receive news and updates about the school as well as upcoming alumni events.
  • Share your stories – Where has life taken you since Gaynor? What impact did Gaynor have on these experiences? Whether you just want to send a quick update or are interested in speaking to current families and students, we want to hear from you.
  • Visit Gaynor – Whether you graduated last year or decades ago, our 80,000 square foot campus on West 89th and 90th Streets is constantly growing. Email alumni@stephengaynor.org to set up a time to visit our facilities and connect with familiar faces.
  • Support Gaynor – We thank our grateful alumnus who have given back to continue or tradition of innovative, highly individualized educational programming.
  • Attend an Alumni Event – Learn more about upcoming opportunities to reconnect with Gaynor alumni by emailing alumni@stephengaynor.org.
  • Connect with us on Social Media – Join the Gaynor Alumni Network on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Looking for other ways to get involved? Reach out to us – we always want to hear from you at alumni@stephengaynor.org.

I hope that you enjoy the site and visit often. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

Tia Murkison
Director of Alumni Relations
(212) 787-7070 ext. 1115