Parenting Toolkit Series

The Parenting Toolkit Series is an eight-week interactive workshop with Dr. Lauren Levenson, Coordinator of Psychological Services, and Rebecca Jurow, Director of Early Childhood, for parents of children aged three to ten.

In the fall, parents are encouraged to join us on Mondays from 9:00 to 10:00 am, as we explore valuable tools and techniques to foster positive behavior in children at home. Not only does this include working towards managing difficult behaviors, but also finding ways to bring out the best in your child. Many parents recognize that their children thrive on consistency and clear limits, but many don’t know where to start. This series is based on the methods of Dr. Alan Kazdin from the Yale Parenting Center. It will teach specific skills to enable parents to have a broader toolkit to manage challenging behaviors in their children. We will share strategies used in the classroom and help parents to apply them at home to ensure consistency and generalization of the tools used at school and addressed in the series.

These meetings are held virtually. The Zoom links can be found on the Parent Calendar in the Parent Portal. Please log in to access them.


  • Introduction: Understanding the A,B,C’s of Behavior (10/2/2023)
  • How to Get Children to Listen (10/16/2023)
  • Using Tactful Praise and Scheduling Good Habits (10/23/2023)
  • Parenting Tools to Reinforce Positive Behaviors (10/30/2023)
  • How to Use Planned Ignoring (11/6/2023)
  • Developing an Effective Behavior Plan (11/13/2023)
  • How to Set Effective Limits (11/20/2023)
  • Playground Etiquette and Managing Behavior Outside the Home (11/27/2023)