Resources for Parents

Stephen Gaynor School is an independent school for bright children ages three to 14 with language-based learning differences. Many parents ask, what are the signs of learning differences in children? 

The following websites provide parents with helpful resources to support their children who may be experiencing learning and attention issues.

LD Glossary of Terms – Review this informative brochure to gain a deeper understanding of terms typically used when talking about learning differences and education and how we address these issues at Stephen Gaynor School.

National and International Resources

    • is a helpful resource for parents whose children may be struggling with learning and attention issues. The Understood web site provides state-of-the-art technology, personalized resources, free daily access to experts, a secure online community, practical tips and more.
    • The National Center for Learning Disabilities aims to improve the lives of the 1 in 5 children and adults nationwide with learning and attention issues—by empowering parents and young adults, transforming schools and advocating for equal rights and opportunities.
    • Stephen Gaynor School’s reading program is accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. The Orton-Gillingham Approach is a direct, explicit, multisensory, structured, sequential, diagnostic, and prescriptive way to teach literacy when reading, writing, and spelling does not come easily to individuals, such as those with dyslexia.
    • Made by Dyslexia is a global charity, led by successful dyslexics. Their purpose is to help the world to understand, value and support dyslexia.

New York State and City Resources

    • The New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) is a voluntary association of 192 independent nursery, elementary, and secondary schools enrolling over 81,000 students. It is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools and the New York State Coalition for Independent and Religious Schools.
    • Promise Project‘s goal is that all children with learning disabilities get the chance to succeed. Promise Project’s mission is to provide an educational path for underserved children who struggle with learning disabilities, evaluating their learning disabilities and getting them the support they need.
    • INCLUDEnyc is the leading provider of training and information for young people with any disability (age 0-26) in New York City, their families, and the professionals who support them. They create access to educational, employment, and independent living opportunities, and advocate with families for meaningful inclusion in the broader community. INCLUDEnyc assists more than 9,000 people each year, and reaches over 130,000 individuals through digital communications and community outreach—all provided free of charge.