Middle School Core Curriculum


ReadingFour students sit together by a window doing schoolwork.

We form reading groups based on students’ demonstrated ability to decode and comprehend sentences, passages, and stories. While the texts students read may vary, all students build on their structural base of language through ongoing Orton-Gillingham training, age-appropriate materials selected for their individual reading level, and vocabulary expansion through morphology. All will increase their fluency and comprehension.


In small groups and during individual instruction as needed, students build the basic skills to solve simple equations and eventually more complex problems. All of our students are introduced to pre-algebra concepts in the Middle School and are well prepared for all types of math content in high school. By teaching each math skill to mastery, we help students develop the fundamental understanding needed to achieve at their highest level.


Continuing to build on the foundation of our Stephen Gaynor School Writing Program, Middle School students embrace progressively more independent and complex research papers, summaries, and persuasive assignments. Throughout Middle School, students are encouraged to find the research and writing system that works best for them — a skill they will use throughout their educational careers.

Social Studies

Middle School students begin studying Social Studies by exploring both global cultures and ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece, China, and Egypt. In their final two years, they explore American History, first focusing on the exploration of the Americas up to the Reconstruction and then on understanding the progression from Industrialization through the Civil Rights Era.


Middle School students continue engaging their curiosity while building a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science, learning how to write lab reports and participating in science experiments and presentations. The science curriculum is enhanced through project-based learning, integrating the use of our dedicated WeatherBug weather station and scientific writing, culminating in a final, individual presentation.

Student Clubs

Middle School students are provided the opportunity to participate in one student club per year, allowing them to further explore their passions. Participation in a student club is optional. Some examples of student clubs include:

  • Youth Animal Protectors’ Club (YAP)
  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • Student Council