Arts: Unlocking Passion, Enhancing Academic Success

Whether memorizing a celebrated soliloquy, portraying community in mixed media sculptures, sharing a unique perspective through a camera lens, or belting out a solo at our school musical, Stephen Gaynor School students are passionate about the arts.Student draws a wheel onto a sheet of brown paper

The arts are an important element of any well-rounded education, but they are especially critical for students at Gaynor. We provide students a chance to explore their passions – to sing, act, draw, play music, or take photographs – which helps reinforce the lessons they encounter in their academic subjects and contributes to their academic success. Through the arts, students are improving their reading fluency and refining their motor skills. In addition, our arts teachers work in collaboration with head teachers to reinforce what’s being taught in the classroom, enhancing their comprehension in subjects from history to math.

With the expansion of our school facilities, we have enriched our arts program, which now includes two art rooms, one of which has a kiln, and a digital photography studio. Our nearly 300-seat performing arts center and music rooms allow our aspiring thespians to partake in true theatrical experiences.

Class project of cardboard buildings; in front of the buildings are lamp posts made out of aluminum foil and cars made from wood piecesAt Gaynor, we are committed to providing our students with the facilities, programs, resources, and instruction of the highest quality. We know that by encouraging students’ passions to help them realize success outside the classroom, they build self-confidence, allowing them to become more confident learners inside the classroom.

Integrated and Inspired

The arts program at Gaynor includes art, drama, music, and digital photography – all of which are highly integrated with the topics students study in class. Early Childhood students participate in art class once a week with their homeroom teachers and enjoy music with their EC music teacher two times a week.

Lower School students participate in art class two times per week and engage in developmentally appropriate projects, adding photography to their repertoire at around age nine. In addition, they enjoy music twice a week. As they get older, Lower School students also participate in drama twice a week, with many activities designed to support their social studies curricula. All Lower School students have a chance to showcase their music and drama skills at the Lower School Holiday Concert each December.A student pointing a camera towards the viewer

Middle School students spend a semester on each of the four areas, further honing their talents by delving deeply into the areas they are passionate about. In addition, they have an opportunity to shine by participating in the spring musical, combining all they’ve learned in music and drama.