Our Program


Middle School class Teacher sits at a table with students, instructing them as they use watercolor paints.

Stephen Gaynor School realizes that every child is unique, and each child learns in a different way. For this reason, we develop an individualized, intellectually rich curriculum with multi-sensory techniques that fits the learning style of each and every child and is paced at his/her level. Our dedicated faculty and in-house specialists help children master the strategies, communication skills, and study habits necessary to be successful. We believe it is important to provide this high level of support within a traditional school atmosphere during school hours so our students are prepared as they move ahead in their academic careers.

Gaynor has a team of in-house specialists who provide valuable support for our students. When needed, Gaynor specialists join a child in class or work with him/her one-on-one or in small-group instruction. Our team-based approach allows specialists and expert faculty to collaborate, ensuring each child’s needs are met. Gaynor specialists include professionals in Speech-Language Pathology, Reading, Math, and Occupational Therapy. In addition, Gaynor has an in-house psychology team.