Multisensory (and Marvelous) Math!

Math Specialist Rachel Arbesfeld and Art Teachers Andrea Nelson and Sophia Saad created a multisensory project to bring math concepts to life. Red Cluster students used abstract art to illustrate the decomposition of two-digit numbers. In math groups, each student created number bonds showing two different ways to break apart their number into tens and ones. In art class, students used materials to creatively represent these number bonds.

A Multisensory, Interdisciplinary Social Studies Project

Miniature tables are set in a grotto-style interior, waiting for their Lilliputian guests to arrive. A tiny golden statue wraps his tinfoil arms around a guitar. A pair of googly-eyed alligators stare hungrily at an airboat, perhaps pondering their next meal. What do these vignettes have in common? They are all located in the Southeastern United States — and they are all the subject of study in Ms. Pearlman and Ms. Sebrow’s Yellow Cluster social studies class.

Gaynor Students Show Their Global Community Spirit

Gaynor students are committed to being good global citizens, the latest example of which is their work to help contribute to the relief efforts for Australian wildfires.

A display of creativity by the Blue Cluster

Students from the Blue Cluster showcased their artistic talent during the first Blue Cluster Visual Arts Show this week. Various artwork in different mediums filled the PAC, allowing students, faculty, and parents to see what the Blue Cluster had been working on this past fall. 

Students Find Personal Connections with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Students across the school learned about the power of dreams and their ability to effect change this week in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. They learned about Dr. King’s desire to spread love and kindness to combat hate, and found personal connections to his words. 

With Charters, Students Create a Positive Classroom Environment

Gaynor has been incorporating charters for the past two years, not only in the classroom, but also with faculty and staff. Through classroom charters, students work together to create common goals and hold each other accountable for creating a positive classroom environment.

Inspiration and Collaboration: The Senior Educator Program

The teachers and specialists at Stephen Gaynor School are exemplary special educators. How do we establish a community of veteran educators dedicated to continuing at the highest level in their field who are also explicitly trained to mentor faculty members new to Gaynor? Assistant Head of School Jill Thompson describes the inspiration behind, and elements of, the Senior Educator Program.

Green Cluster Holds Student Council Elections

This year, the Green Cluster has been running a Green Cluster Student Council for the first time. Students participating had the option to run for Green Cluster President and Vice President. The election was held on December 12.