After School Program

The Gaynor After School Program enriches students’ lives with a broad variety of activities – from sports and scientific exploration to musical theater and cooking – that keep students motivated and engaged after the regular school day ends. The After School Program offers exciting new classes every year and enables students to learn, have fun, and most importantly, build self-esteem, self-control, and responsibility.

On any given Monday through Thursday afternoon, you will find After School students enthusiastically gathering in the Field House, Library or EC Lobby. Each area is bustling with excitement as the children chat, choose their school-issued snack, and wait patiently for their teachers to gather the group and transition to their respective class spaces.  Students exhibit characteristics of pride and ownership in knowing the routine as they head off to their exciting After School adventures.

The robust After School course catalog provides our students and families with a wide variety of class options including sports (basketball, soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey, and flag football), cooking, drawing and painting, musical theater, and fashion. There are even classes on knitting/crocheting, scientific wonder, animation and film design, virtual reality gaming, animal research, chess, singing, dancing, and yoga, just to mention a few.

The After School Program takes advantage of the many and varied talents of our fantastic Gaynor faculty, in addition to a select few outside providers who have been with the After School Program for years.

Recently added to the Gaynor After School Program is the implementation of the Executive Functions Enrichment class which provides our older students with the tools needed to become self-reliant learners as they prepare for high school.  The Executive Functions class is designed to guide appropriate goal-setting, support planning and strategy development, strengthen information and resource management, and enhance capacity for self-monitoring. 

Additionally, the Gaynor After School Program provides students with the opportunity to join Study Hall classes, led by Gaynor teachers so students can stay one step ahead of nightly homework and long-term assignments. Gaynor Study Hall teachers are available to the students to clarify and reinforce learned skills and concepts while also helping with time management, organization and self-advocacy. Parents can choose to enroll students in Study Hall on a semester basis or as a “drop in” depending on need for a specific day or days.