After School Program

The Gaynor After School Program enriches students’ lives with a broad variety of activities – from sports and scientific exploration to community service and cooking – that keep them motivated and engaged after the regular school day ends. Led by Director of Student Life, Sue Sortino, the After School Program offers exciting new classes every year and enables students to learn, have fun, and importantly, build self-esteem, self- control, and responsibility.


Drop In (Study Hall Only)

If your child is interested in dropping into Study Hall, please inform your child’s classroom teacher and the After School Director, Sue Sortino, via email ([email protected]) by 12:30 pm the day of the drop in. Drop In Study Hall must be confirmed by email before registering online through the parent portal on the school website. (Please note, this is a policy change. This year, drop in classes are only available for Study Hall.)

Drop In Study Hall costs $45 a session.DSCN1418

— If your child attends Gaynor and you would like to register for the After School Program or Drop In Study Hall, please log in to the Parent Portal to do so. —