Why I Give

Jen Twomey, Mom of Matias (Silver Cluster)

“My son Matias’ smile, his robust self-confidence and his enthusiasm for taking on challenges is indisputable “proof” that Stephen Gaynor

Grant Duers, Dad of Anna and Peter (Pink and Blue Clusters)

“When I was growing up in Chicago, kids with learning differences were picked on and weren’t given a chance. I

Rachel Goldflam, Mom of Jolie (Pink Cluster)

“We support Gaynor because it has truly changed our daughter and our family. Jolie now has confidence and a love

Rebecca Anikstein, Mom of Hannah (Red Cluster)

“I give because this school has changed our daughter’s life. She is a confident, resilient and happy learner becuase of

Karen Kennedy, Mom of Abby (Yellow Cluster)

“The Stephen Gaynor School understands our daughter and the unique way she views and expresses the world. It is a place of acceptance and nurturing, combined with a rigorous learning environment where all kids CAN learn.”

Jessica Quinn, Mom of Molly (Orange Cluster)

“I give to the Annual Fund because giving to the Annual Fund is giving to our children. It’s making sure the school has the resources it needs to help our children be happy, successful students and lifelong learners.”

Adam Bacall, Dad of Leah (Silver Cluster)

“At the very first meeting we had with Dr. Gaynor, we felt a deep level of compassion and empathy for our parental circumstances, and what our daughter was experiencing in the classroom. Then we began to understand the Orton-Gillingham ethos and intuitively it made sense to us. Within a week of school, we witnessed the transformation of our daughter into a confident and capable student. It was almost magical and it continues to evolve. We give because we want other families to know that they are not alone, and that there is a caring community, where their children can learn differently at Gaynor.”

Jen Braunmiller, Mom of Benjamin (Green Cluster)

“Gaynor is a school where I see an extremely positive teacher-pupil relationship. I see dedicated teachers who treat children as individuals and this is evident in the quality of work that is presented. The Annual Fund is imperative to supporting all of their efforts.”

Peter Ross, Dad of Philip and Victoria (Silver and Blue Clusters)

“We give because we believe that every child should have access to an individualized education experience so they can grow to the best of their abilities.”

Beth Bohart, Mom of JD (Red Cluster)

“Gaynor gives JD and our entire family what I cannot/could not. The school, faculty, and community of families have transformed JD in every way and changed our lives. Our giving to the Annual Fund is our endorsement of the school and our effort to ensure we bridge the gap between tuition charged and the school’s operating costs.”