Faculty & Administrators


Putting Students First

Our teachers and specialists come to Gaynor with a compelling love for teaching. As they become part of our community, they learn to be part of a team that evaluates the needs of children and is adept at building a program for individual success. Barriers to learning are replaced with innovative instructional approaches and interventions that focus on a child’s strengths.

“Teaching at Stephen Gaynor School is all about the students,” says Lindsey Schostak, Coordinator of Social Studies and Writing Departments. “Every ounce of our day is devoted to making sure they learn in a matter which suits them best. We tailor our curriculum to meet the students’ needs, while simultaneously promoting their strengths.”

Committed to fulfilling our mission to provide a highly individualized curriculum for every student, Stephen Gaynor School teachers and specialists are incredibly passionate about their students. They often declare their work here to be the most rewarding they’ve ever done. “Because of our devotion to putting students first, there is a special bond that is formed between the teachers and the students at Gaynor,” explains Ms. Schostak. “They know we are their allies in education – here to help them gain strategies to reach new heights.”