Performing Arts Center Shines at Opening Assembly

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Gaynor’s Performing Arts Center opened for students this week during an inaugural assembly to allow them to experience the theater. As students walked in, they were visibly excited, exclaiming “This is so cool,” and “Woah,” as they took in the space on the way to their seats.

Dr. Gaynor opened the assembly by expressing his gratitude. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing the expressions on the faces of our students and faculty members for the past ten years to anticipate this moment when you walked into the space. It has met my expectations and exceeded them.” The day was a long time coming, Dr. Gaynor reminded everyone, the seeds planted ten years ago after the winter concert. “Ms. Siegel walked into my office and said, ‘You know, that was a wonderful concert but I need you to find a proper theater for our students to perform.’ I thought she was joking but she said ‘I’m serious, you need to make this happen,'” said Dr. Gaynor. “Through the help and support of many people, here we are in this beautiful Performing Arts Center.”

Next, co-founder Yvette Siegel-Herzog took the stage. “As Dr. Gaynor said, I had a dream,” said Yvette Siegel-Herzog. “Would you believe it? I’m standing on my dream. Did you ever think you would stand on a dream and you could? I’m sharing this dream with you, with all of you forever. Take good care of it and I know you will.”

See highlights from the opening assemblies and a preview of the Performing Arts Center in the video below.