Virtual Field Day

Posted on Monday, June 8th, 2020

Students were up and moving Friday morning as they participated in various virtual Field Day activities. 

The activities this year were organized within four different themes: skills, fitness, knowledge, and Gaynor pride. Students were also assigned to either the Green or the White team to add an element of friendly competition. 

Activities included a “Pillow Case Relay,” where students hopped around their homes; “Hole in One,” where students blew a paper ball with a straw into a cup; a scavenger hunt, where students had to collect household items that matched their team color; and Kahoot trivia, where students answered questions based on topics covered in their PE classes. 

Every student put forth their best effort, cheering each other on along the way. The Green team won in skills and sportsmanship, while the White team won in fitness, knowledge, and pride, giving them the win overall. 

Despite having to make Field Day virtual this year, we are proud of all of our Gators for making the day a great one!