Enjoy Blue Cluster Art from Home

Posted on Thursday, June 11th, 2020

At the culmination of the spring semester, the artistic talents of many Blue Cluster students were on display in a gallery for viewers to “walk” through and admire — even if it was over the computer screen. 

In January, Art Teacher Sophie Yolowitz created the Blue Cluster Visual Arts Show to showcase the work of her students in the first semester of school. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents came to a Performing Arts Center transformed into an art gallery. 

Ms. Yolowitz wanted to do the same thing for her students in the spring semester, however, it would have to look a little different due to the transition to distance learning.

Using Google Slides and a little imagination, Ms. Yolowitz created a virtual art exhibition to display the students’ artwork. Each slide featured different pieces, and the entire thing was set up to look like an art museum. 

In an effort to make the artists feel seen and celebrated, she asked the Blue Cluster teachers to “walk” through the art show and add comments onto the artwork in the speaker notes section of each slide, which were later shared with students.

Walk through the art show yourself on the following pages to see the great work produced by the Blue Cluster students in Ms. Yolowitz’s class!