Unearthing History in the Green Cluster

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Over the past few weeks, Room 701 has been busy learning, exploring, creating, and collaborating on various history projects. 

The students began learning geographic terms (i.e., peninsula, strait, isthmus, archipelago, etc.) while utilizing note-taking strategies they had learned in class. They then had to independently underline keywords in a passage for homework and answer reflective “Stop & Think” questions to check comprehension. While looking specifically at Ancient Greece, they labeled a map and took notes on the important landforms and bodies of water (i.e. Aegean Sea, Mount Olympus, Peloponnesus, etc.). 

Room 701 then focused their studies on timelines and Archaeology, and continued to develop the learning strategies from previous lessons. The students learned why timelines are useful tools when looking back at events from the past. They then created their own timeline by practicing reading and interpreting, and using the information they gathered to plot events on a timeline. Students discovered the difference between Before Common Era (B.C.E) and Common Era (C.E.) and analyzed why our history is split into two different sections of time. 

This week, students in 701 focused on the study of Archaeology and explored a day in the life of an archaeologist. They put on their archaeologist hats while working to excavate gems out of clay tablets. Everyone enjoyed this activity as it allowed them to take on the perspective of an archaeologist at a dig site, and they were excited to see what gems they uncovered!