Students Find Personal Connections with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Quote chosen by Silver Cluster student Tyler M.

Students across the school learned about the power of dreams and their ability to effect change this week in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. They learned about Dr. King’s desire to spread love and kindness to combat hate, and found personal connections to his words. 

Silver Cluster students in the Intermediate Division analyzed quotes from the book Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during their time in the library on Thursday. They performed a gallery walk, moving around the table to look at each quote and pick the one that they most identified with and felt they could explain to the group. After each student picked a quote, they sat down and took turns sharing what it meant to them. 

Quote chosen by Silver Cluster student Peter M.

Peter M. thoughtfully shared, “Somebody has to love someone in order for them to realize they’re more than they seem.” 

Tyler M. explained his quote by saying, “Everyone has the right to be angry, but no one has the right to be mean.”

In an example of differentiation across age levels, Kate Homlish and Rachel Fell’s Purple Cluster (Early Childhood) class also took a look at the same book and worked on understanding the meaning behind “Martin’s big words.”

They discussed Dr. King’s life before taking a look at some of the words he used, such as “equality,” “love,” and “together.” When asked what the word “dream” meant, one student responded by saying, “A dream comes from your wish.”

After their discussion, the students chose one big word on a large piece of paper to paint as they wished. These will be turned into signs that the students will hold when walking around the school on their Peace March on Tuesday. 

In the Lower School, Morgan Conlon and Jenine Gaynor’s Pink Cluster class read the book I Have a Dream and created their own door tags that featured their hopes and dreams.

One read, “My dream is…for everyone to have a big heart.” Another said, “My dream is…to be a real police officer.

The personal links students found with Dr. King and his ideals allow his legacy and memories to continue to live on.