A display of creativity by the Blue Cluster

Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Students from the Blue Cluster showcased their artistic talent during the first Blue Cluster Visual Arts Show this week. 

Various artwork in different mediums filled the PAC, allowing students, faculty, and parents to see what the Blue Cluster had been working on this past fall. 

Art teacher Sophie Yolowitz conceived of the event to display the projects students had been working on for months, as a lot of work in the art room is done independently. Works were provided by Ms. Yolowitz’s fine arts classes, and Jessica Ressler’s photography classes.

“I wanted to showcase the projects they were working on, as well as give them a goal to work towards,” Ms. Yolowitz said.

The only expectation was that each student provide at least one piece of art to exhibit, and they had to write an artist’s statement to go along with the piece. 

Reading specialist Jacquelyn Glazer came into the art classes to teach students a writing lesson on artist’s statements, and she encouraged each of them to think about what they wanted people to take away from their piece. Speech and Language Pathologist Debra Adams helped with the artist’s statements as well. 

Ms. Yolowitz said, “Knowing that their parents, peers, and teachers would be invited to view their work, the students really stepped up their game in class.”

There will be a second Blue Cluster Visual Arts Show in June to showcase the work of Blue Cluster students from the spring semester.