Songs of Our Time: Blue Cluster 2020 Playlist

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2020

During their last week of school, Blue Cluster students put their thoughts and emotions to music during an assignment for drama class. 

Drama Teacher Meredith Akins tasked students with creating a song playlist to memorialize this time of change. 

Students had to pick three songs that described how they felt about everything going on in the world during their final weeks of school, such as the pandemic and protests against racial and social injustice. 

“They had to expand past their normal tastes in music, and include genres such as classical, heavy metal, and rap,” Ms. Akins said. “This was so that they could listen back at any time in their life and see how they have processed their feelings since this moment in history.”

Ms. Akins sent the final playlist to the students on the last day of school, along with a note of goodbye to them.

“Although you are only teenagers, you will remember this time clearly,” she wrote. “Some of the good and some of the bad. Let this music help you reflect on issues that you will face in the future. This time gives you an added layer of wisdom. You will be able to share your feelings and ideals that much more clearly.”

Along with the playlist, Ms. Akins also included students’ reasoning behind why they chose the songs they did. 

Here are a few of the responses:

“‘Get Up, Stand Up’ by The Wailers Band is a song that has been played a lot with my friends during or at protests, or when going back home. It’s something that relates today about the recent events of racism and our government. That the way we live today needs to be changed for the better, and although I can’t understand or experience the racism people get, I can understand and know that it is wrong, and I’m here to support, be there, and stand up for anyone who needs me or wants me too.”

“During this time of quarantine I have learned to love myself more and appreciate my life. My self love and care has gone up in the past couple months. I’m finding new interests and personalities I never knew I had. I have also felt very uplifted with the protests for Black Lives Matter.”

“‘Black Swan’ is about self doubt and fear. Despite my growth in confidence, I am afraid of facing the world more than ever. Since there have been so many different movements both good and bad. I am afraid of the change, and if I’m ready to make some myself.”

Below you can view the full playlist created by each Blue Cluster drama class. 

You can find a Spotify playlist with the songs here.


Drama Block 1

  1. Order 66 – Theme song
  2. “Chamber of Reflection” by Mac DeMarco  
  3. “Wildflower” by Skylark  
  4. “Butterfly” by BTS  
  5. “Idol” by BTS 
  6. “Black Swan” by BTS 
  7. “Happiest Year” by Jaymes Young
  8. “When We Were Young” by Adele
  9. “Get Up, Stand Up” by The Wailers (Bob Marley)  
  10. “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor
  11. “True Love Will Find You In The End” by Daniel Johnston  
  12. “Faded” by Alan Walker  
  13. “AnoHana” by Secret Base  
  14. “Sleepy Tea” by Chon
  15. “Anarchy” by Egg
  16. “Lofi mix” by Dreamy
  17. “The Broken Hearts Club” by gnash

Drama Block 2

  1. “Happy” by Pharell Williams
  2. “I Feel Love” by Sam Smith or Donna Summer 
  3. “I’ll Always Remember You” by  Hannah Montana 
  4. “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift 
  5. “Ripple” by The Grateful Dead
  6. “Fussing and Fighting” by Bob Marley and The Wailers 
  7. “I’m So Tired” by Lauv and Troye Sivan 
  8. “Tell Me U Luv Me” by Juice WRLD and Trippie Red 
  9. “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles 
  10. “Imagine” by John Lennon 
  11. “Here Me Calling” by Juice WRLD 
  12. “This Is America” (clean version) by Childish Gambino