Custom Build: Students Gaynorize Minecraft

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2020

While the school year may be over, the Gaynor community can still experience the magic of the building thanks to a group of Green Cluster students. 

Head Teacher Jenna Konstantine and Assistant Teacher Courtney Smotkin wanted to think of a meaningful way to end the year remotely. 

After discussing with their class, the pair found out that their students happened to be skilled at Minecraft, a popular Lego-style adventure game.

Ms Konstantine said, “I asked my student, Cooper, if it would be feasible to create a replica of Gaynor in Minecraft, and he said yes!”

Once the class planned everything out, Technology Teacher Joel Levin got them connected to one of his Minecraft realms.

Goodbye from Clyde!

A small group of students then took this project and ran with it, working together with little guidance from Ms. Konstantine and Ms. Smotkin. 

“They created the lobby and the first three floors of the North Building,” Ms. Konstantine said. “We kept it a surprise and unveiled it on the last day of school.”

To take a tour of Virtual Gaynor and reminisce on this past school year, click here.