Passport to Peru

Posted on Thursday, April 4th, 2019

The entire Orange Cluster “traveled” to Peru this week, going through a customs simulation that mimicked what happens when traveling abroad. First, they spoke to a “customs agent” about whether they were in Peru for study or vacation before telling the agent how long they planned to stay in the country. Next, they got a stamp in their passports and fingerprinted for a visa document. Lastly, their bags were checked for any contraband materials before they were welcomed to Peru and told to enjoy their stay in the country.

The customs simulation is a follow-up to the trip to “China” Orange Cluster students took in the fall. Orange Cluster teacher Jackie Dobish said, “Being able to do such an interactive and immersive project with students is always preferable when possible. Not only is it memorable but it reinforces executive functioning skills. The customs simulation is a great example of project-based learning and they had fun doing it.” According to Amy Mayer, CEO of friEdTechnology, “In project-based learning, the projects only serve as an infrastructure to allow users to play, experiment, use simulations, address authentic issues, and work with relevant peers and community members in pursuit of knowledge.”