Alumni Update: Tyler Tang ’18

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2019

Tyler Tang ‘18 is a freshman at Eagle Hill. This winter he tried out for the wrestling team, a sport he had never done before but wanted to try. Tang worked hard to learn the sport and was committed, attending every workout and giving full efforts at practices. Tyler had matches against many seasoned upperclassmen, but despite the difficult opponents, he didn’t give up and kept at it. At the final tournament of the season, Tyler was determined to break through and not only won by point accumulation – he pinned his opponent!

Tyler was awarded the Athlete of the Week Award for his hard work and determination. He wore the medal around school all day. Later, in front of the entire school at a formal Assembly, it was announced that Tyler was chosen for the Coach’s Award Trophy. This award reflects his commitment, diligence, courage, and effort to be a great teammate. When accepting the award, Tyler received a standing ovation from his peers.

Tyler attributes his success on the playing field and in the classroom in large part to the self-confidence and academic and socio-emotional tool kit he built up while at Gaynor, which helped unlock his potential. His earnest diligence and desire to do the best he can, even in difficult areas, is also a reflection of his personality.