Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 2017 Reading Challenge Kicks Off

Posted on Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Gaynor’s 2017 Reading Challenge kicked off on Monday, March 6, with the theme, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” based on the book by Dr. Seuss. In the North Building lobby, a hand-painted map has been hung on the wall which represents all of the places students’ imaginations can take them with a good book, such as “fiction island” or “mystery mountain.” In honor of the Reading Challenge, several Gaynor faculty and staff shared where their favorite books have taken them.

Dionne De Lancy, Gaynor’s librarian, said one of her favorite books is The Time Travelers. “When I read The Time Travelers series, I get to travel back in time to 18th century London. The characters have such a great adventure and the only way for them to get back to the 21st century is to get back into the time machine, which was stolen. It’s so exciting in 18th century London that I almost don’t want them to get back home too soon.”

One of Dr. Gaynor’s favorite books is The Flying Hockey Stick. He said, “When you read this book, it just shows you where the imagination can take you. In this case, the character goes to foreign lands and saves people from tigers and burning buildings. What’s so amazing about this book is that the main character’s imagination is a tool that takes him around the world. I take great inspiration from this book and every time I read it, it takes me on a new journey.”

Kristen Kurre, a teacher in the Yellow Cluster, liked to read Treasure Island. “It takes me to a faraway island where I can see the beautiful water and sand, and buried treasure shining brightly in the treasure chest,” she said. Ann Kalter and Jackie Dobish, teachers in the Silver and Orange Clusters, say they love Strega Nona because it transports them to Calabria, Italy.

Gaynor’s Head Coach, James Melillo, likes to read a book that doesn’t take him to a faraway place but instead keeps him close to home: On the Field with Derek Jeter by Matt Christopher. Melillo said, “I remember going to Yankee Stadium and seeing my favorite player, Derek Jeter, play. It reminds me that if you work hard and you’re dedicated that your dreams are possible.”