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Humans of Gaynor: Students Explore Togetherness and Community

Prior to spring break, Sara Curwin’s Green Cluster class created “Humans of Gaynor,” a 12-minute video modeled after Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” project. It has taken on increased relevance after the move to distance learning. “During this time of uncertainty and the feeling of loneliness for many, it is my hope that this video is a reminder that while we are all feeling similar confusion and fear, we have each other to confide in, allowing us to feel a sense of togetherness,” Ms. Curwin said. 

Therapeutic Toys and Games for Spring Break Activities

Director of Early Childhood Rebecca Jurow and Director of Lower Division Donna Logue share their recommendations for a spring break spent at home.

8 Tips for Parents to Help Kids Learn Online

​As more schools move to online classes, Head of School Dr. Scott Gaynor has some advice for parents as they help their children navigate this new way of learning.

Puppy Power! Students Learn About Animal Rights from a Three-Legged Friend

A group of Silver Cluster students had a special visitor this week to help them learn about animal rights. Read more to learn about Ella the dog and her inspiring visit!

Students Explore Bravery and Courage in Celebration of Black History Month

All around Gaynor during the month of February, students learned about the power of change and standing up for what’s right in celebration of Black History Month. Students participated in activities in the library and the classroom, as well as attended an assembly discussing three influential leaders.

Washington vs. Lincoln: Who will win the Lexington Room?

Students in the Lexington Room in the Early Childhood program learned about democracy and wielded the power to vote last week in honor of Presidents’ Day. Over the past couple of weeks, the students performed an in-depth study of what a president is and what they do, and then they learned specifically about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Their study concluded in a vote between the two presidents — read more to find out who won!

Silver Cluster Students “Step Into” History

Students brought their classroom learning to life last week with a social studies skit highlighting the story of the Puritans

Multisensory (and Marvelous) Math!

Math Specialist Rachel Arbesfeld and Art Teachers Andrea Nelson and Sophia Saad created a multisensory project to bring math concepts to life. Red Cluster students used abstract art to illustrate the decomposition of two-digit numbers. In math groups, each student created number bonds showing two different ways to break apart their number into tens and ones. In art class, students used materials to creatively represent these number bonds.

A Multisensory, Interdisciplinary Social Studies Project

Miniature tables are set in a grotto-style interior, waiting for their Lilliputian guests to arrive. A tiny golden statue wraps his tinfoil arms around a guitar. A pair of googly-eyed alligators stare hungrily at an airboat, perhaps pondering their next meal. What do these vignettes have in common? They are all located in the Southeastern United States — and they are all the subject of study in Ms. Pearlman and Ms. Sebrow’s Yellow Cluster social studies class.

Gaynor Students Show Their Global Community Spirit

Gaynor students are committed to being good global citizens, the latest example of which is their work to help contribute to the relief efforts for Australian wildfires.