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Join the Gaynor Winter Dance Challenge!

Have you watched the Gaynor Winter Challenge video? Check it out in this article, and then send us your videos for our upcoming “extended dance remix” version!

Pieces of Me: Red Cluster Explores Identity

Red Cluster students explored what makes them who they are this week, discovering how they are unique but also similar to others.

Silver Cluster Students Express Their Gratitude to Co-Founder Yvette Siegel-Herzog

Last week, the students in Ms. Kathlyn Kolenda and Mr. Nathaniel De Leon’s Silver Cluster class brainstormed all of the reasons they love Stephen Gaynor School. They then wrote individual letters to Yvette Siegel-Herzog, Gaynor’s Co-Founder and Director of Education. On Wednesday, November 17, they met Ms. Siegel virtually to share their letters with her, and to thank her for founding the school.

A Hair-Raising Science Experiment

Students in Blue Cluster Science Specialist Andrew Prasarn’s class tried new, electrifying hairstyles as part of a science lesson this week.

Honoring our Veterans

In classrooms across every cluster, students learned about what Veterans Day is, why it is celebrated, and how they could honor veterans themselves.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Community Building in the Red Cluster

Red Cluster students worked together using creativity to build their own communities this week after learning about three different types: urban, rural, and suburban.

Blue Cluster Wants to Remind You to Donate to the Food Drive!

Blue Cluster students created posters to remind the Gaynor community to donate to the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, which runs from November 15-19.

A Festival of Lights: Gaynor Students Learn about Diwali

This week, Gaynor students learned about Diwali, which fell on November 4 this year.

Election Day in Room 202

Red Cluster students learned about the mayoral election and what it means to vote in honor of Election Day.

They’re Gourd-geous! Teal Pumpkins for Safe Trick-or-Treating

There are many ways to stay safe on Halloween – wearing reflective clothing, always using the buddy system, and remembering to wear a face mask in crowded places. One Green Cluster class learned how to make trick-or-treating safer for kids with food allergies.