Gaynor News Feed

Gaynor Rockin’ Gala 2024: An Incredible Experience! 

On May 13, 2024, the Gaynor community came together for the Gaynor Rockin’ Gala at Brooklyn Bowl, an event combining support of Stephen Gaynor School with amazing food, great company, and live music in a once-in-a-lifetime show with legendary artists.

Art Meets Technology at the 2024 SMART Faire

April 18 marked the grand opening of this year’s SMART Faire, an event facilitated by the Technology Department to showcase the innovative projects that students have been working on throughout the year.

Celebrating Eid al-Fitr and African Muslim Traditions at Breakfast My Way

In April, members of the Gaynor community gathered in the EC Garden for the first Breakfast My Way of 2024, celebrating Eid al-Fitr and African Muslim traditions.

How to Experience the Solar Eclipse Safely with Dr. Debra Kroll

Dr. Debra Kroll, an oculoplastic surgeon, gave a presentation to Blue Cluster students about safely experiencing the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8 in New York City. She emphasized the importance of using certified eclipse glasses to prevent permanent eye damage and provided safety tips such as finding a safe viewing spot and avoiding looking directly at the sun without protection.

Gaynor Alumni Inspire the Next Generation of Thespians

On April 3, the current cast and crew of the upcoming spring musical were treated to a unique experience — a visit from Gaynor alumni who were active participants in the school’s theater program. Moderated by Gaynor faculty Abby Shuppy and Meredith Akins, the goal of the panel was to talk about the alums’ current theater experiences and their past experience in the musicals at Gaynor, and to answer questions from the students participating in this year’s Gaynor musical, The Sound of Music.

Join Us for Gaynor Rockin’ Gala on May 13 at Brooklyn Bowl!

Gaynor Rockin’ Gala will be reception-style with lots of opportunities to celebrate with your friends and the entire Gaynor community. All proceeds from this year’s event will go toward supporting growing the endowment.  Click for more information and ticket purchases!

Celebrating Texans, Teenagers, and Much More at the Blue Cluster Cultural and Identity Fair

Inspired by student affinity groups and open to all Blue Cluster students, the inaugural Cultural and Identity Fair featured informative displays and presentations showcasing various cultures and identities.

Blue Cluster’s “Sweet” Community Outreach

Over the course of five weeks, nine Blue Cluster students in Head Teacher Erika Bentsen’s advisory participated in Sweet Readers, a program that connects middle school students with adults with Alzheimer’s in an immersive, art-based program.

Celebrating Black History Month at Gaynor in 2024

This year’s theme for Black History Month was “Black Americans and the Arts.” Throughout the month, Gaynor held activities for students and families to learn about and celebrate the history and culture of African Americans through assemblies, performances, and workshops.

Quilting Community: Threading Our Stories

On February 29, Gaynor held a Black History Month Quilting Workshop, titled “Quilting Community: Threading Our Stories.” The workshop was facilitated by fabric artist Pat Mabry, who is affiliated with the Caribbean Cultural Center (CCCAD) in Harlem.