Greeking Out: Green Cluster Students Explore Ancient Artifacts at the Met

Posted on Thursday, December 16th, 2021

A group of Green Cluster students stepped outside Gaynor’s doors to explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week as part of their study on Ancient Greece.

Head Teacher Nicole Goldman and Assistant Teacher Jordan Segal’s class took a field trip to the museum to observe Ancient Greek artifacts and artwork. The class walked through two exhibits that contained Greek and Roman art, as well as European sculptures and decorative arts.

“The students went on a scavenger hunt to explore Ancient Greek artifacts and sculptures, so they could learn more details about Greek culture,” Ms. Goldman said. “The students had many interesting questions and observations that we will continue to explore throughout the rest of our Ancient Greece curriculum.”

After exploring, the students had the chance to be a Greek artist and sketch a sculpture of their choice. Following their trip around the Met, the students were able to play on the aptly-named Ancient Playground in Central Park.

“It was such a wonderful day for 701,” Ms. Goldman said. “It was exciting to go on a field trip again.”