Conjunction Junction (Yellow Cluster’s Version)

Posted on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021

Most people know the popular Schoolhouse Rock song “Conjunction Junction,” which teaches students about grammar rules for words like “and,” “but,” and “so.”

However, Yellow Cluster students in Head Teacher Allison Pearlman and Assistant Teacher Sophie Nick’s class were inspired to make the song their own. In a multisensory activity, students worked together to create their own music video to the tune.

“We’ve been learning different revision skills, including connecting ideas with conjunctions,” Ms. Pearlman said. “This music video came about spontaneously once we saw how much the kids loved the Schoolhouse Rock version. For the video, they brainstormed sentences incorporating their assigned conjunction and made them come to life!”

Check out the full video for “Conjunction Junction (Yellow Cluster’s Version)” below.