Chickens, Butterflies, And a Duckling, Oh My!

Posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2019
Spring has sprung and so has the wildlife in the Early Childhood Center. The Hudson, Willow, and Lexington rooms each hatched something different this week.
In the Lexington Room, Ms. Paresi’s class hatched a duckling. While meeting Henry, as they named him, was a highlight it was also the culmination of a science lesson. Students first learned background about ducks and the conditions needed for a duckling to hatch including turning of eggs, temperature, and humidity. They also learned about its lifecycle and anatomy. “It has been so wonderful for the students to be part of this process, watching an embryo grow into a duckling in such a meaningful and experiential way,” said Ms. Paresi.
In the Willow Room, students tended to butterflies which finally came out of their chrysalides. After letting them emerge, students made and recorded observations about the butterflies’ anatomy and coloring before walking to the Westside Community Garden to release them. Some immediately flew away while others stayed on flowers but the class made sure to wave goodbye to the butterflies!
And in the Hudson Room, five chickens hatched. They were given a heater they could stay warm under and students were able to observe them, note their characteristics, and even vote on what their names should be.
Whether butterflies, chickens, or a duckling, all students had fun experiencing the process and seeing what came of the hatching of the chrysalides and eggs!