Speaker Brings History of Brooklyn Bridge to Life for Silver Cluster Students

Gaynor Parent Kristian Roebling brought history to life for Silver Cluster students as he described his ancestor, John Augustus Roebling, and his role in the design and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Gaynor Softball Wins League Championship

After a season of challenges, Gaynor’s softball team played against an undefeated team for the AIPSL Championship and emerged victorious.

Chickens, Butterflies, And a Duckling, Oh My!

The Willow, Hudson, and Lexington rooms hatched butterflies, chickens, and a duckling this week, the culmination of science lessons that gave them firsthand experience.

Gaynor’s Track Team Races to Championships

Members of Gaynor’s track team competed in championship races this week earning medals in certain races!

Our Mission

A pioneer in special education, Stephen Gaynor School is an independent Pre-K, Lower, and Middle School for bright students with learning differences. Founded in 1962, Stephen Gaynor School provides a highly individualized educational program in a rich, rigorous, and nurturing environment in which students gain the skills and confidence necessary to learn, grow, and reach their full potential.