Winter Distance Learning Roundup

Posted on Thursday, December 17th, 2020

As the third week of distance learning comes to a close and Winter Break swiftly approaches, find out what some Gaynor classes have been up to.

In the Purple Cluster, one class brought some very special friends to their lunch — their favorite stuffed animal!

Later that day during math, the students built a square out of household items, such as Play-Doh. 

Another Purple Cluster class learned about states of matter. Students discussed and experimented with changing the temperature of water.

At the end, the students made predictions of what they thought would happen when a cup of water was left in the freezer. 

As a fun and engaging way to go over their writing concepts, a Red Cluster class played a Jeopardy review game.

One Green Cluster class responds to a social emotional learning journal prompt every day. The prompts follow a theme, and there is a new theme each week.

Last week, the theme was “Coping Strategies.” On Monday, the students reflected on the coping strategies that would help them when they’re feeling stressed. On Tuesday, the students shared strategies that they would use if they were overwhelmed in class, and on Wednesday, they practiced a three minute breathing exercise.

After the breathing exercise on Wednesday, students shared how they felt about it by completing the sentence, “I feel ____ after completing the mindfulness exercise.” Most students said they felt calm and more alert.

A Silver Cluster class created “memes” during their afternoon meeting in order to practice writing skills the students learned.

Gaynor students continued to learn valuable skills during their classes over the last few weeks, all while having fun!