This Week in Gaynor Sports: October 1 – 8

Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2021

The Gaynor Gators represented their school well this week!

The girls’ volleyball team came away with a win in 3 sets against Geneva School on Wednesday (25-16, 25-17, and 15-7). When asked about the team’s performance, Coach Mashawn Butler exclaimed, “Victory! The girls volleyball team played a great game. Team Captain Thailandi T. won the coin toss for Gaynor to have the first serve of the match. Hailey L. scored 3 aces throughout in the first set and Maddie Y. scored 5 aces in a row in the second set! Although this is the third game of the season it seems that this third time’s the charm with more victories to come!”

It was a busy week for Gaynor soccer, with three games scheduled over four days. On Monday, Gaynor travelled to Thomas Jefferson Park to face the British International School (BIS) on a drizzly afternoon. Gaynor played well and kept it close in the first half but gave up three quick goals in the second half, losing 5-2. On Wednesday, Gaynor played in nearby Central Park against the School at Columbia. Willam B. scored a quick first goal followed shortly by another from Juan Diego D. The two teams went back and forth a few times ultimately ending in a 3-3 tie. The final game was Thursday back at Randall’s Island against Columbia Grammar Prep.

Coach Andrew Prasarn said, “The team has really been ‘learning on the job’ going from game to game without any practices in between. Hopefully next week the team can get some practice time to process what’s been happening in the games and make adjustments for the second half of the season.”

The cross country team had their third meet of the season on Thursday, October 7. Everyone worked hard at this week’s meet! All runners increased their stamina and showed great sportsmanship. Notably, Bradley S. received his best time so far this season, and Cassie B. stayed strong throughout the race and improved her endurance. Coach Stackhouse said, “It was great to see our runners use the skills they’ve been working on at practice, and everyone improved their time.”