The power of self-advocacy: Victoria Browning Wyeth ’91

Posted on Monday, November 19th, 2018

Victoria Browning Wyeth ’91 has always had to work harder than her peers to rise above her learning differences. Her time at Stephen Gaynor School allowed her to meet some lifelong friends, and although school was still challenging, she is grateful to those who helped her succeed. After Gaynor, she attended The Nightingale-Bamford School and graduated in 1997. She then matriculated at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Wyeth is the only grandchild of Andrew Wyeth, one of the greatest American painters of the 20th century, and the state of Maine is close to her heart. Since the age of sixteen, she has travelled and given lectures about her grandfather’s work, which continues to be one of her passions.

In addition to lecturing about her grandfather’s work, Victoria has had a robust career studying psychology. She attended Harvard University as a visiting graduate student, studying the history of psychology, before earning her MA in psychology from Wesleyan University. After Wesleyan, she worked at a variety of mental health institutions, for police departments, and in prisons studying criminal psychology. She currently lives in Philadelphia and works as a Research Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania’s Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Wyeth says that she continues to advocate for herself every day, and to seek accommodations for her learning differences when she needs them. She has never let her learning differences get in the way of her goals.