Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Community Building in the Red Cluster

Posted on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Red Cluster students worked together using creativity to build their own communities this week. Head Teacher Marissa Miller and Assistant Teacher Alexa Gershowitz’s class learned about three different types of communities over the past few weeks: urban, suburban, and rural.

Students learned the key distinguishing features of these communities, as well as how the lives of people living in these communities are so unique and different from one another. Once the lessons were complete, the class then moved on to a culminating project to finish out the community unit.

For the project, students were put into three groups and were tasked with designing either an urban, suburban, or rural community.

“Each group presented their community projects to the class and teachers,” Ms. Miller said. “Our class really worked so beautifully together to design and create their community.”