Summer 2018 Gaynor Gazette: Facing Our Emotions

Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2018

In 2017, Stephen Gaynor School selected the social-emotional program, RULER, to be integrated into the curriculum. According to, “Social-emotional learning (SEL) instruction helps kids learn how to cope with feelings, set goals, make decisions, and get along with others.” RULER is another component in Gaynor’s commitment to unlocking each student’s potential.

Read more about the implementation of RULER in the cover story, “Facing Our Emotions.” Also inside, a spread about “Art Works for Puerto Rico,” Gaynor’s community service project that extended overseas, an interview with co-founder Yvette Siegel-Herzog, and a photo spread from Gaynor Gala. There’s also in-depth looks at Gaynor’s curriculum and individualized approach including Singapore Math, reading, and occupational therapy.