Red Cluster Students “Travel” to Brooklyn

Posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Red Cluster students became Brooklyn locals this week, giving out recommendations on which sights to see.

Head Teacher Marissa Miller and Assistant Teacher Jael Berry’s class finished up their study of Brooklyn, which is part of the Red Cluster’s New York City social studies curriculum.

This curriculum is implemented throughout the Red Cluster and revolves around learning about famous landmarks and neighborhoods in New York City.

For their culminating project on their Brooklyn unit, students had to research a specific Brooklyn landmark.

They first learned about research and how to research to find new information. They were then put into groups and given a landmark. From there, the groups had to research to answer the question, “Why should a tourist visit your landmark?”

Once all the groups were finished, students then got up in front of the class to share their final landmark recommendations to a “tourist.”

“I was so deeply proud of Red 1 students for getting the courage to present their final projects to their classmates,” Ms. Miller said. “The passion, excitement, and teamwork each group displayed was so amazing to witness as their teacher!”

Before the pandemic, as part of the curriculum classes would learn about the landmarks and neighborhoods and then take field trips to visit them.

Since the field trips were not possible this year, Ms. Miller said the Red Cluster team developed virtual field trips for the students to take.

“Students took Google Map tours of neighborhoods and virtually visited landmarks through videos and pictures,” she said. “Red 1 students even had the opportunity of virtually riding the famous Cyclone roller coaster on Coney Island! It was such a blast.”

Ms. Miller said this social studies curriculum is important for students because it is relevant and relatable to their everyday lives.

“Students get the opportunity to learn the rich history of the city they live in and go to school in,” she said. “Our students absolutely love engaging in this curriculum and learning about the landmarks and neighborhoods right outside of their doors.”


Take a field trip through Brooklyn just like the Red Cluster!