Red Cluster Students Celebrate Reading

Posted on Thursday, May 14th, 2020

This week, a group of Red Cluster students celebrated the closing of another chapter — and the completion of their reading group book.

Students in Head Teacher Joyce Macedo’s reading group finished their reading of the classic children’s book “The Boxcar Children” by Gertrude Chandler Warner. 

The book tells the story of four orphaned siblings who make a home for themselves in an abandoned boxcar in the forest.

As a final project to finish their study of the book, students created Boxcar Dioramas based on clear requirements for the model provided by Ms. Macedo.

“Students used their understanding of the characters and integrated their emerging visualizing and verbalizing skills to create dioramas that were representative of their understanding of the book’s setting and the development of the characters,” she said. 

The class held a Boxcar Moving Ceremony, which represented the ending of the book, and students then presented their dioramas, thoughtfully explaining what they chose to include and why.

“This activity also required ingenuity, as they could only use materials they had readily available at home,” Ms. Macedo said. 

She said she was very proud of her students and the creativity and persistence they showed during this final project and while finishing the book after transitioning from the classroom to distance learning.