POW! Celebrating the Strength and Resilience of Gaynor’s Superheroes

Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2021

Look up at the sky — what’s that? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Gaynor superheroes!

In honor of the strength and resilience Gaynor faculty, staff, and students showed during the past year, the school celebrated its first Superhero Day on Thursday, March 18. 

Brought about by the creative thinking of Upper Division Director Christine Karamanoglou, all faculty, staff, and Upper Division students were encouraged to dress up as superheroes, either existing superheroes or alter-aliases of their own devising. 

Classes participated in various superhero-themed activities, with Blue Cluster Student Council members sharing a video message of encouragement to Lower Division and Early Childhood students. Olivia, Gunnar, Sam, and Meg shared their own superpowers, and let the younger students know what they think all Gaynor students’ superpowers are. 

“We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being such superheroes this year,” said the Student Council members. “You all had to be brave, courageous, kind and flexible, creative, hardworking and thoughtful. We wanted to recognize all that you have done to be a Gaynor Gator this year.”

They told the students, “You are great thinker[s]. You are problem-solving every day. You and your teachers are being creative about how to do school. You are all so brave. You come to school every day either at Gaynor or on your computer, even when it’s hard.”

The younger students received sheets so they could color their own superheroes, and stickers that read, “I am a Gaynor Superhero.” Many were treated to a special visit by the Gaynor Gator themself, who cheered on the students as they let the Gator know what superpowers they’d chosen for themselves. Director of the Early Childhood Program Rebecca Jurow introduced the EC students to Lower Division Director Donna Logue, who the students will get to know better as they move up through the clusters into the Lower Division. 

The day showed our appreciation and admiration for the entire Gaynor community, and all of our superheroes, and was a great way to kickstart Spring Break!