Police Officers in Pink!

Posted on Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

Two police officers stand at the front of the room before a group of Pink Cluster studentsRecently, the Pink Cluster students had a special visit! As they continue their unit of study on services in the community, students have been learning about police officers. On November 4, they welcomed two officers from the 20th Precinct, Officer Murphy and Officer Scalici, to Gaynor. During the visit, students were able to get to know the officers, ask them questions, and learn all about this essential service in our community. 


Students learned a lot of new information during the interview with Officer Murphy and Officer Scalici. For example, they learned that these particular officers from the 20th Precinct are in charge of helping kids, or the youth, in our neighborhood through youth programs and visiting schools. Officer Murphy holds up metal handcuffs to show the classThey are referred to as “YCO” or “Youth Coordination Officers”. The students also learned that in order to become a police officer, you must pass a 6-month training at the Police Academy. Officer Murphy and Officer Scalici taught the students about the various tools (e.g., walkie-talkie, handcuffs, etc.) they use to complete their jobs and problem solve each day. Officer Murphy even showed the handcuffs she uses, and explained the different types of handcuffs that police use. 


Students are sitting in a desks in a u-shape, and students sitting on the floor in the middle are raising their handsOfficer Murphy and Officer Scalici also shared that radios are the most important tools they have, as that is how someone contacts them. Officer Scalici explained that their radios cover the 20th Precinct, the 24th Precinct, and the Central Park Precinct. In Brooklyn they have their “central,” which is the place that fields all the calls from 911 and tells the officers exactly where to go. So even when Officers Murphy and Scalici aren’t the ones being called, their radio will still go off because it’s the central alerting other officers in one of the precincts where an emergency is. The students also learned that there are different types of tickets, and the officers who give parking tickets are different from police officers. A fun fact they discovered is that there are 16 police stations in Manhattan! 


The Pink Cluster is so excited to continue learning about the important responsibilities of a police officer, and the tools they use to complete their jobs!

Students pose as a group with two police officers in the back  Students pose as a group with two police officers in the back