Pieces of Me: Red Cluster Explores Identity

Posted on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Red Cluster students explored what makes them who they are this week, discovering how they are unique but also similar to others.

As part of the first pillar in their DEI curriculum, students explored identities by discussing different aspects that make up a person, such as faith/beliefs, family structure, gender expression, race, and interests.

Following their learning, students created a puzzle of six different pieces to represent themselves. Once complete, the puzzles were placed in the North Building Cafeteria for the Red Cluster Puzzle Showcase.

Head Teacher Joyce Macedo said, “Given that each individual’s identity is something to be proud of and important to share with others, we wanted to invite our friends at Gaynor to our showcase.”

Puzzles were displayed on walls and tables grouped by homeroom, and each Red Cluster class walked around the space to view them. Students also completed a worksheet to help them identify what they have in common with their clustermates, as well as what makes them different.

Outside visitors to the gallery walk were also invited to create their own identity puzzles to be put on display with the students.