Keeping Students Moving with Sensory Hallways!

Posted on Friday, March 10th, 2023

Over the past several months, Gaynor students have been utilizing sensory hallways at every opportunity.

The goal of each sensory hallway is to provide quick movement opportunities near classrooms, as kids learn best when they are able to move periodically throughout the day. These stations, which were created by the Occupational Therapy department, are located throughout both the North and South Buildings, and can be used during transitions or as targeted movement breaks when students are having difficulty focusing or are squirming in their seats.

Teachers are encouraged to use them in conjunction with the RULER program to build student awareness in determining whether the exercises have had a beneficial effect. Before they start their round of activities, the students use a Mood Meter to indicate how they’re feeling. Once they’ve finished the activities, they use the Mood Meter again to see how their mood has changed. 

The sensory hallways are a great way for the students to channel their energy into fun activities, improve their mood, and come into the classroom ready to learn!