Insta-Famous: The #GatorGram Reading Challenge is Complete

Posted on Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Gaynor students “went viral” during this year’s Reading Challenge. The theme of this year’s challenge was “#gaynorgram,” a take on the photo sharing platform, Instagram. Students were tasked to fill out a “gaynorgram” slip for every book they read or listened to during the weeks of the Reading Challenge, and then “post” their slip(s) on the bigger-than-life iPhone located in the North Building lobby. The phone itself was quickly obscured by the hundreds of “gaynorgram” posts!

If the students fill the entire wall, they will get a special treat!

Reading Chair Sloan Shapiro said, “We’re so excited about the enthusiastic response from the Gaynor students in the Purple through Silver Clusters. The #gaynorgram slips exceeded our expectations. We loved seeing their responses to the books they read with interesting sentences and artwork. There is definitely a lot of love for books; check out all the colored hearts. You can tell how much thought they put into their recommendations when you see some of the hearts only partially filled out.” 

UPDATE: On Tuesday, May 3, students celebrated the successful completion of the Reading Challenge with a visit from the ice cream truck!