Happy Earth Day!

Posted on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Students at Gaynor celebrated Earth Day through a variety of activities, including crafts, learning about recyclables, and creating gifs to honor protecting our environment.

Read on to learn about how different classes honored the Earth.

In the Green Cluster, students in Co-Head Teacher Courtney Smotkin, Co-Head Teacher Zoe Carrill, and Physical Education Teacher Dan Pena’s class worked in groups to create an acrostic poem, and then turned pieces of trash into art.

Silver Cluster students in Head Teacher Katie Kolenda, Co-Teacher Lauren Weiss, and Physical Education Teacher Pat Fitzgerald’s class learned about ocean pollution and how sea creatures are negatively impacted by all of the trash that ends up in the ocean.

Students then learned about how others have tried to help spread awareness of this problem, and how we can help prevent it from happening.

“Students were inspired by an article about artists who use trash to make art,” Ms. Weiss said. “They then used a variety of recycled materials to make sea creatures. Students had a lot of fun with this project!”

In Photography Teacher Jessica Ressler’s class, Light Blue Cluster students beautified the streets of Manhattan with chalk drawings.

“They did a great job!” she said.

Head Teacher Joyce Macedo and Assistant Teacher Emerson Hiller’s Red Cluster class wrote shape poetry in the West Side Community Garden in order to review their understanding of adjectives.

Each class celebrated Earth Day in their own special way throughout the day and showed their appreciation for the planet we call home.