Greek Gods and Goddesses Fashion a Historic Event

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2019

Months of research, thought, and preparation came to fruition on March 14 with the first-ever Ancient Greek God and Goddess Fashion Show presented by students in the Green Cluster to an audience of admiring parents. A testament to cross-curricular inspiration, the show incorporated art, design, drama, technology, writing, and of course, history and social studies. The new Performing Arts Center provided a worthy venue to showcase all of the students’ hard work.

Director of Intermediate Division Michelle Fox said, “The conception of the show was inspired by the Green Cluster social studies unit of Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology, converging the knowledge of content with the worlds of art, technology, and theatre. Beginning in September, the students worked to research, design and create their costumes and we were thrilled to finally see their creative visions come to life!”

According to a student narrator, “Greek Mythology is thousands of years old, and we still to this day study the ancient tales. We learn all about the wild escapades of the powerful inhabitants of Mount Olympus… We have imagined what the Gods and Goddesses might have looked like, and what they might have worn.”

The show was billed as an Ancient Greek Fashion Show “with a contemporary twist.” The “twist” was revealed as each god and goddess walked the runway twice – sometimes with a modern, creative take on their role, sometimes highlighting different aspects of their personality.  Each vignette brought the mythical characters to life, and demonstrated how each costume embodied the personality and history of each god or goddess. Pictured here are two interpretations of the Greek god, Poseidon.

Green Cluster students were involved in all aspects of the presentation, from the onstage actors and actresses portraying gods and goddesses and narrators, to behind-the-scenes roles in lighting, stage crew, and even marketing and public relations. Art Teacher Ruth Rachlin acted as the artistic director, Green Cluster Teachers Zoe Carril and Brendan Stackhouse were the creative directors, and Technology Teacher Brian Russ brought his expertise as the technical director.

Ms. Fox is already excited for subsequent projects, “We are truly inspired to continue to create cross-curricular learning opportunities, and we are already planning for the future. This is quintessential project-based learning, and includes universal backwards design. The students’ learning began in the classroom and then translated to the art room and theater. We cannot wait to do more!”

This massive team effort resulted in a truly historic event at Stephen Gaynor School.