Going Greek: A Green Cluster Multisensory Social Studies Lesson

Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Walking past Room 701, you may think you’ve traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and arrived at the islands of Ancient Greece.

Upon second glance, you’ll realize you’re looking at 3D salt and flour maps created by Green Cluster students as part of their social studies lesson on the country.

Students in Head Teacher Nicole Goldman and Assistant Teacher Jordan Segal’s class began their study of Ancient Greece by learning various geographic terms, such as peninsula, strait, and archipelago, while utilizing note-taking strategies.

“While looking specifically at Ancient Greece, we labeled a map and took notes on the important landforms and bodies of water, such as the Aegean Sea, Mount Olympus, and Peloponnesus,” Ms. Goldman said.

After this, students created 3D maps of Ancient Greece in groups by mixing salt, flour, and water together to create the topography, adding a multisensory aspect to the lesson to help further understanding.

Ms. Goldman said, “They enjoyed this creative, and messy, art project and were able to visualize the placement of these essential landforms while collaborating effectively as a group.”