A Week of Culture, Celebration, and Challenge

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2019

On Tuesday, students reached a milestone, the 100th day of school. To celebrate it, teachers created various special activities for their students. In the Pink Cluster, students rotated through activities in groups which included making necklaces out of 100 Fruit Loops, building a structure out of 100 plastic cups, designing decorations to make a hat, and participating in 100 different movement exercises.

In Sarah Lewis and Alicia Yang’s class, students created a special trail mix by counting in bases of ten. Students had to work together to rotate through each station. In Jordan Thaler and Anna Gerhard’s class, students have been studying measurement, so they predicted where 100 steps would take them. They discovered, 100 steps would get them from from Ms. Bode’s office to Ms. Evans’.

Donna Logue, Director of Lower School, said “The 100th day of school is always exciting for us and our students and we like to celebrate it. For example, students can – and like – applying math skills in creative and dynamic ways.” Something that Ms. Logue also does every year and is excited to do again is 133 acts of inclusion, representing the 133 students in her division. “We’re spending this week trying to catch students doing inclusive things which ties in perfectly because of the ongoing Rachel’s Challenge.”

All week, students who want to to commit to Rachel’s Challenge have been signing a banner in the North Building lobby with the promise to uphold her principles of kindness, inclusion, and acceptance. The banner is full of signatures – be sure to check it out next time you’re in the North Building.

Photo by student Finley Wrazej

The fourth annual, Student Council-organized Cultural Food Day also took place. Students were tasked with bringing in a dish from a culture or family tradition that is meaningful to them. Although participation was voluntary, as many students as possible were encouraged to join the fun. Hamantaschen, cannoli, pavlova, enchiladas, challah, dumplings, falafel, kugel and more items were shared, allowing students to showcase something important to them and share it with others as well as learn about foods that others appreciate. Left, a student shares a Victorian Sponge Cake, a recipe she makes with her grandmother every holiday. A Blue Cluster Cookbook featuring all of the recipes from the day will be compiled and posted here when it is available.

It is hard to believe that 100 days of school have already passed, but teachers and staff are looking forward to seeing what students work on for the next 60 days.