A Multisensory, Interdisciplinary Social Studies Project

Posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

Miniature tables are set in a grotto-style interior, waiting for their Lilliputian guests to arrive. A tiny golden statue wraps his tinfoil arms around a guitar. A pair of googly-eyed alligators stare hungrily at an airboat, perhaps pondering their next meal. What do these vignettes have in common? They are all located in the Southeastern United States — and they are all the subject of study in Allison Pearlman and Yosefa Sebrow’s Yellow Cluster social studies class.


A multisensory approach to learning is a hallmark of the Gaynor curriculum. Ms. Pearlman said, “As we wrapped up our study of the southeast region of the United States, we wanted to create an interdisciplinary, hands-on project in which students could utilize their creativity to demonstrate understanding.”

Art Teacher Andrea Nelson worked with the class to help bring their creative ideas to fruition. Ms. Nelson said, “The students worked very hard on these models of the Florida Everglades, Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis, and Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. They really turned out fantastic.”

Ms. Pearlman agreed, stating, “Throughout the planning process and art making, each group collaborated to construct beautiful and realistic models full of whimsical details. We are so proud of our students’ hard work!”