A Multisensory Approach to Distance Learning

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

One of the hallmarks of a Gaynor education is the multisensory approach used in all subjects. The use of visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic senses helps students better understand and retain the concepts they are learning. But how to incorporate multisensory techniques while Gaynor students are learning remotely?

Students in Audrey Schaefer’s Silver Cluster math class are starting their sessions with a mental math boot camp warmup. Ms. Schaefer has the students stand up at their computers, and then presents a series of multiplication questions. When students get the answer to the question correct, they choose one of three exercises and then do the number of repetitions represented by the answer. So, if students are asked what is 24 divided by 4, they must first figure out the answer, and then do 6 repetitions of either jumping jacks, squats, or “speed skaters.” By the time the warmup is completed the students (and teacher!) are really “feeling the burn!” Students need to be careful, though. If they get the answer wrong, they need to do the number of reps from the incorrect answer plus the number of reps in the correct answer. It pays to get the answer right the first time!

Jordan Thaler’s Red Cluster writing class used a similar kinesthetic technique while learning conjunctions. In the example shown below, students had to answer the question as to which conjunction was correct by choosing which action to complete. Who knew distance learning could be such good exercise?