Getting Creative with Art and Technology

Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2017

This week, a new friend appeared in the North Lobby, prompting some questions: Is this art? Technology? Artificial intelligence? Turns out, the figure is an art and technology collaboration project undertaken by students in the Yellow Cluster.

The Yellow Cluster students took this year’s theme of “be together not the same” to an entirely new level. Art Teacher Andrea Hochman provided some inside details: “To build the structure, each class was assigned a specific part, Ms. Kurre’s class designed the heads, Ms. Savage’s and Ms. Fox’s did the arms, Ms. Paterson’s created the bodies and Ms. Friedman’s were responsible for the legs.”

The students’ description of their project reads, “The body represents our physical appearance and how we choose to present ourselves. The face represents our inner world of thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. We hope you learn something new about us!”

According to Ms. Hochman, “The students designed and executed 100 percent of the bodies. They also had no idea what the other groups/classes were planning to create which made it all the more interesting.”

Technology Teacher Joel Levin brainstormed with the students how to represent that “world of thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams.”

“For my portion, I had the students plan out their videos in shared Google Docs so they could collaborate with each other and swap ideas,” Mr. Levin said. “They had to pick a message that they wanted to share with the school community that was personal to them. Something people would not know just by looking. Then they decided if they needed pictures, sounds, videos, or even props created in the SMART Lab. We then filmed them in front of the green screen, and edited everything together.”

The one thing missing from this figure is a name. Submit your suggestion below!