Admissions Welcome


We are thrilled that you are here to learn more about admissions at Stephen Gaynor School. For more than 50 years, Stephen Gaynor School has helped bright children with learning differences reach their full potential.

We provide a rich, rigorous, and nurturing environment, ensuring that students understand how they learn best and preparing them well for the challenges ahead._DSC5512

A team of experienced teachers and specialists works with each student to develop individual strengths while supporting areas of challenge. In addition, our campus was designed with your child in mind: our classrooms and collaboration rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are designed for focused learning; the regulation-sized gymnasium, roof-top field house, and two sensory gyms allow opportunities for play; and the digital photography and arts studios inspire new ways to see the world.

From our innovative, hands-on science program, to our rich arts and athletics offerings, Gaynor is a school full of life and activity.

Children leave Stephen Gaynor School full of smiles and self-confidence, well-prepared for the next step on their educational journey. To find out more information about applying to Stephen Gaynor School, please contact the Admissions Office or submit a request for information.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Juliana May, Director of Admissions