Achieving Goals in Room 201

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Recently, Ms. Macedo’s Red Cluster class read “This School Year Will be the Best” by Kay Winters. They discussed the hopes and goals of the characters as they embarked on a new school year. Slowly, students began to share their own wishes and goals for this year. Some wishes were academic ” I want to learn to chapter books!”, while others were simply delicious, “I want to start eating chocolate bars for lunch.” It was clear that students in Room 201 intend to make this year one of joy and growth.

After learning that different cultures make wishes in varying ways (e.g., wishing on a full moon, picking a specific flower, hanging a special flag to blow wishes into the wind), the students were inspired to create their own goal “flags.” They decided to hang their goal flags in their classroom window facing 90th Street as a daily reminder. As Room 201 continues into the school year, they will work work on achieving their individual goals.