Seth Kramer ’95 of Goldman Sachs is a Leader in Disability Rights Advocacy

Posted on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Seth Kramer ’95 remembers his time at Gaynor as a turning point in his life. He always knew that he had an inquisitive mind, but it wasn’t until he was surrounded by the nurturing teachers and specialists at Gaynor that he felt  he was at a place where he could truly learn. “I felt that my best interest was everybody’s best interest,” said Seth, reminiscing about his time at Gaynor. With favorite teachers like Mr. O’Hare, Seth recalled gaining the building blocks to address his challenges and create a stable educational foundation for himself. He learned, “Not everyone has the same path – you have to find your own path.”

Seth’s path has taken him far and beyond the classroom of Gaynor. After graduating in 1995, Seth studied at Friends Seminary and later graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 2005. Seth is now an associate on the real estate strategy team in the Services Division of Goldman Sachs, a job he loves because he can “see a tangible outcome of my work and I am constantly moving and using a variety of skills.”

It was while Seth was at Goldman Sachs that he became more involved with INCLUDEnyc. INCLUDEnyc supports more than 5,000 youth with disabilities, their parents, and other professionals through a variety of workshops and programming. Seth founded the organization’s junior board of trustees in 2013, with hopes to engage the next generation of leaders and advocates of disability rights. At INCLUDEnyc’s 2016 gala, Seth was an honoree with his sister Haya Kramer, for the work the siblings do to strengthen the organization’s mission and provide greater access and inspiration to individuals with disabilities.

Seth’s advice to Gaynor students is to “accept your path – it may not be the most standard, but don’t allow that to hold you back. Be an advocate for yourself. Raise your hand and ask for help. And most importantly, be positive.”

The Kramer family has continued to support Gaynor – Seth’s father Jay Kramer serves on Gaynor’s board of trustees. Seth exemplifies Gaynor’s amazing alumni, and the school looks forward to sharing his continued success.